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Green Buses for Europe: International Route Network of FlixBus Gathers Pace

Green Buses for Europe: International Route Network of FlixBus Gathers Pace

Press release 02/06/2015

European line network grows ++ FlixBus established as international brand for nonGerman-speaking countries ++ Green buses to Sweden, Denmark and Belgium by now ++ Increased line network in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy ++ 400th, 500th and 600th MeinFernbus FlixBus buses presented in international special livery ++ International tickets bookable on www.flixbus.com, as well as on the many new country specific websites

Berlin, 02/06/2015 – In January, the two successful German start ups and market leaders MeinFernbus and FlixBus merged. Right now, all signs are pointing to expansion: In the following weeks and months, the well-known German long distance bus company will start many new international connections. The green busses, that are known as „MeinFernbus FlixBus“ within the German market, will be operated with the brand „FlixBus“ abroad – by now initially to Denmark and Sweden. Further, the route network will be extensively increased across Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy. Some of the new lines connect two countries without a stop in Germany, which marks a novelty within the route network. 

André Schwämmlein, Founder and Managing Director of FlixBus: „There are only green lights ahead: After the merger of MeinFernbus Flixbus, we extend our international route network with united forces. Our new lines connect more and more destinations in Scandinavia, Benelux and many more countries with Germany.“ In total, the green buses are already on the road in 15 European countries. Further routes are being planned or in the process of authorisation. 

Next stop: ScandinaviaBy June 3rd, Denmark and Sweden are directly connected with FlixBus connections from and to Hamburg and Berlin. The lines are offered twice a day in the beginning. Tickets are available on www.flixbus.com.

Buongiorno! More connections to ItalyMilan is part of the green route network since last year already. Since May, FlixBus offers a connection between Milan and Frankfurt with stops in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Mannheim. The line is offered twice daily, tickets are available from 28 Euro. Further Italian cities are planned to be part of the green route network, like Rome, Venice, Verona, Padua, Florence and Turin. 

Green Eiffel Tower: Connections from and to FranceThe expansion of FlixBus connections from and to France continues: More and more Paris lines are being operated, new for example from Paris to Tübingen and back via Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. Since end of May, many FlixBus connections are offered without any stop in Germany: Green busses are operated between Brussels, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Paris, connecting Belgium, the Netherlands and France. FlixBus further plans new lines from and to Lyon, Marseille and to the Côte d’Azur. Depending on the French law of liberisation of the market („Le Macron“), there will be lots of potential for FlixBus to expand ist route network in France. 

Oranje en Groen: New lines in the NetherlandsThe streets in the Netherlands become more green as well. Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Maastricht and many other cities are included into the route network of FlixBus. Passengers can easily travel from Amsterdam to Munich or Berlin for example with mutiple daily connections offered twice for from 33 Euro. 

Across Europe for every budget: price examples (appicable vice-versa)

  • Copenhagen – Berlin: from 22 Euro
  • Malmö – Berlin: from 28 Euro
  • Copenhagen – Hamburg: from 19 Euro
  • Malmö – Hamburg: from 19 Euro
  • Milan – Frankfurt: from 33 Euro
  • Milan – Stuttgart: from 28 Euro
  • Paris – Stuttgart: from 25 Euro
  • Brussels – Cologne: from 15 Euro
  • Ruhr Area – Brussels: from 15 Euro
  • Ruhr Area – Paris: from 25 Euro 

Tickets available on www.flixbus.com and via the FlixBus app

Comfort aboard, Apps and booking pages in local languagesFlixBus is established as the brand operating green busses abroad offering the high quality FlixBus passengers are used to. This means generous seat spacing or a media center free of charge containing films and series. 

Furthermore, passengers are able to book their tickets in their local language, since FlixBus has launched local websites in French, Dutch, Italian, and Czech. Of course,www.flixbus.com is online in English. 

400th, 500th und 600th MeinFernbus FlixBus in special liveriesBy now, three very special buses will be on the road as ambassadors for the international expansion of FlixBus: the 400th, 500th and 600th bus are designed with a special livery in French, Netherlands and Italian looks. 

Download Press Release (PDF)